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    Tragedy Strikes in Tatra Mountains as Woman Dies Fleeing Bear

    In a harrowing incident in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, a woman lost her life while attempting to escape from a bear. The victim, a Belarusian national, tragically fell from a height of approximately 150 meters after encountering the bear during a walk in the Low Tatras near the Sina Mountain, close to the Demänovská Ice Cave.

    The unfortunate event unfolded when the woman and her companion ventured into an unmarked and challenging terrain, known for its ruggedness and hazards, particularly in winter. Upon encountering the bear, they fled in panic. However, during the chaos, the woman was separated from her male companion, who subsequently raised the alarm by contacting the Mountain Rescue Service HZS.

    Efforts to locate the missing woman were met with challenges as the bear remained in the vicinity. Rescuers, upon arrival at the scene, were forced to take measures to scare away the bear before proceeding with the search and rescue operation. Tragically, the woman was found deceased, while her male companion was discovered trapped above a rocky ledge, fortunately unharmed.

    The incident has raised concerns about human activities encroaching into bear habitats, particularly in areas designated as protected zones within the Low Tatras National Park. Authorities have emphasized the need for visitors to adhere to safety guidelines and restrictions, including staying on marked trails and respecting wildlife habitats.

    Furthermore, the incident has prompted discussions regarding the management of bear populations in the region. Minister of Environment Tomasz Taraba has highlighted the necessity of reassessing bear management strategies to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Efforts are underway to propose initiatives aimed at reclassifying bears to a lower conservation category, facilitating more active intervention in population management.

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