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    Truck Queues at Poland-Ukraine Border Grow Amidst Ongoing Protest

    A growing standoff at the Dorohusk and Hrebenne border crossings between Poland and Ukraine has escalated, resulting in an extensive backlog of trucks stretching for kilometres. The protest, initiated by Polish lorry drivers, has caused significant disruption, with the queue at one point reaching a staggering 42 kilometres.

    Ewa Czyz, the press officer of the Chelm police, highlighted the scale of the congestion, stating, “The queue of trucks waiting at the Dorohusk border crossing ends approximately 29 kilometres from Dorohusk in the locality of Stolpie.” With an estimated 1,200 trucks caught in the gridlock, the average wait time clocks in at a remarkable 400 hours. Despite the prolonged standoff, authorities have noted that the protest has remained peaceful, reporting no incidents so far.

    Meanwhile, the situation at the Hrebenne border crossing is similarly strained. Malgorzata Pawlowska, a spokesperson for the Tomaszow Lubelski police, disclosed, “Trucks waiting at the Hrebenne border crossing are experiencing wait times of about 150 hours, with around 600 heavy-goods vehicles forming the queue that extends approximately 42 kilometres from the frontier, reaching Wolka Labunska.”

    The protest by Polish truckers, which commenced on November 6, stems from their grievances against what they perceive as unfair competition posed by Ukrainian road haulage firms. Their demands include the implementation of commercial permits exclusively for Ukrainian companies transporting goods, exempting those involved in humanitarian aid and military logistics. Additionally, the protesters are calling for the suspension of operating permits for companies established after the onset of the conflict in Ukraine.


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