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    Unveiling the Unusual Tradition of Day of Stilt Walking

    Poland, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions, never fails to surprise the world with its fascinating customs. One such extraordinary tradition that deserves attention is “Dzień Chodzenia na Szczudłach” so the “The Day of Stilt Walking.”

    Understanding the Origins

    The Day of Stilt Walking traces its roots back to the Middle Ages when it was believed to have been introduced as a form of entertainment during festivals and fairs. The tradition gradually evolved and became an annual event celebrated in various Polish regions, particularly in the Mazovia and Kujawy regions. Over time, it has grown in popularity, attracting participants from different age groups and backgrounds, eager to showcase their stilt walking skills.

    Mastering the Art of Stilt Walking

    Stilt walking requires immense balance, coordination, and concentration. Participants spend weeks, if not months, preparing for the event, perfecting their skills, and training their bodies to adapt to the elevated height. Stilts, typically made of wood or metal, are carefully chosen to ensure stability and safety. 

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