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    VAT on Food, Euro Adoption, and Rising Energy Prices: PiS Queries Civic Coalition

    PiS (Law and Justice) challenges Civic Coalition on VAT, euro adoption, and energy prices, testing coalition unity in Polish politics.

    Testing Civic Coalition’s Allegiance: PiS’s Three Key Questions

    In a recent political development, the Law and Justice party (PiS) posed three pointed questions to the Civic Coalition, their key coalition partner. These questions revolve around VAT on food, the potential adoption of the euro in Poland, and the imminent hike in energy prices starting July 1st.

    Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized the potential alliance between PiS and the Civic Coalition, hinting that together they could wield a parliamentary majority. However, PiS remains skeptical, citing unfulfilled promises made by the Civic Coalition during the electoral campaign. They particularly scrutinize pledges regarding affordable housing and voluntary social security contributions.

    Furthermore, PiS challenges the Civic Coalition’s stance on energy pricing, suspecting a detrimental impact on citizens’ finances. As political tensions rise, the future of this coalition hangs in the balance, awaiting responses to PiS’s probing inquiries.

    As political dynamics unfold, PiS presses the Civic Coalition on critical policy matters, signaling potential rifts in the coalition’s unity.

    Civic Coalition’s Response: Balancing Act or Loyalty Test?

    Amidst PiS’s scrutiny, the Civic Coalition faces a pivotal moment, where its allegiance and policy priorities come under intense scrutiny.

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