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    War in Ukraine – Russian army to be equipped with hypersonic weapons

    President Volodymyr Zelensky is on his way to Washington, where he will meet with Joe Biden later today. This is the first foreign visit by a Ukrainian leader since the beginning of the war. The main topic of the talks will be the next support package for Kiev. According to estimates, it is expected to amount to as much as two billion dollars. 

    Black clouds are gathering over Radosław Sikorski. Solidarna Polska wants the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the source of his income. In 2019, the politician received 40,000 euros a month for unspecified consultations. The former chief of Polish diplomacy explains that he received additional earnings before taking up the mandate of a Member of the European Parliament, and calls Solidarna Polska’s actions malicious. 

    And finally, a Christmas crime chronicle. In New York City, a serial burglar fell into the hands of the police. The woman was caught trying to steal Christmas gifts from the home of actor Robert De Niro.

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