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    Will Paulo Bento be a new coach of the Polish national team?

    Will Paulo Bento be a new coach of the Polish national team? The Portuguese refuses to comment on Wednesday’s conversation with PAP. The decision on the selection of a new coach should be made by January 25.

    The Polish team does not have a coach since January 1 because the contract with the previous coach, Czesław Michniewicz, has not been prolonged or renewed.

    However, we will know the name of Czesław Michniewicz’s successor as the head coach of the Polish national team soon.

    President of the Polish Football Association has already made his choice but he waits for the official confirmation. He also revealed that for the third time in the 21st century, the Polish national team will be led by a foreign coach.

    As a leading Portuguese football commentator told PAP, referring to Sousa’s unexpected departure from the Polish team and PZPN in December 2021:

    “If it turned out that PZPN bet on Paulo Bento, it would mean that after the sad story with Paulo Sousa, the Polish Football Association did not become discouraged by Portuguese coaches. Bento, unlike Sousa, is a typical coach. He has a lot of experience and knows how to lead national teams.”,

    he said.

    Also he reminded that the Portuguese national team led by Bento inaugurated the National Stadium in Warsaw on February 29, 2012 with a friendly match against Poland, which ended in a goalless draw.

    The contract with a new coach will be signed until the end of the European Championship qualifiers in 2024. PZPN President Cezary Kulesza added that after a possible promotion, the association will plan new goals for the coach and the team.

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