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    Wrocław Zoo: A Journey Through Time and Nature

    Wrocław Zoo, a beloved institution nestled in the heart of Wrocław, has been a beacon of wildlife conservation and education since its grand opening on July 10, 1865. The zoo’s history is rich with tradition and evolution, captivating visitors with its impressive array of animals and commitment to global conservation efforts.

    The zoo opened with great fanfare, with the city dedicating 9.5 hectares of land along the Oder River. The inaugural event featured a military band, dazzling illuminations, and a spectacular fireworks display. Early visitors were treated to sights of wolves, monkeys, birds of prey, big cats, and the enduring Bear Tower, which still stands today. At its inception, the zoo housed 452 animals across 120 species, laying the foundation for a century of growth and transformation.

    Today, ZOO Wrocław spans over 33 hectares, providing a sanctuary for more than 7,000 animals representing 1,100 species from around the globe. This expansion highlights the zoo’s development into a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists alike. Visitors can witness the majesty of Siberian tigers, enjoy the playful antics of orangutans, and experience the Savannah Pavilion’s open grasslands, home to zebras, giraffes, and antelopes.

    Beyond being a place to view animals, Wrocław Zoo is a centre for learning and conservation. The state-of-the-art Education Center offers interactive programs and workshops for all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of animal behaviour and environmental conservation. The zoo’s global collaborations contribute to international conservation initiatives, helping preserve endangered species and restore delicate ecosystems.

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