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    Medical advice without leaving home

    Due to the state of the epidemic, primary care physicians across the country can give advice over the phone – the director of the National Communication Office of the National Health Fund, Sylwia Wądrzyk informed. She emphasized that patients can get medical advice, receive an e-prescription or e-release without leaving their homes.

    If a patient’s personal visit to a clinic is necessary or a doctor confirms such a necessity during a telephone conversation, such a visit takes place. “The patient should be scheduled for a specific time to maintain all safety procedures. Thanks to advice over the phone we limit the risk of coronavirus spreading, ensuring safety for both patients and medical staff”, she explained. At the same time, she reminded that specialists could give advice over the phone. “This applies to all areas of specialist care. Patients who are under the constant care of specialists and require periodic examining can benefit from advice”, she added.


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