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    May 3rd Constitution celebrations without large gatherings

    This year, on Flag Day and the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3rd, there will be no large gatherings. President Andrzej Duda announced that the traditional hoisting of the flag would take place at Pl. Zamkowy in Warsaw, and on May 3rd there will be a special address to Poles.

    President Duda, speaking on Facebook about the Flag Day, reminded that at the same time it is the celebration of the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad. “So we will definitely be in communication with Poles abroad”, he assured. He explained that this year it would be “connecting via the Internet” for epidemic reasons. “Certainly on May 2nd there will be a traditional hoisting of flags at Plac Zamkowy, because this does not require the participation of more people”, the president said. He admitted that the May 3rd celebration will change significantly. “There will probably not be public gatherings we have had so far. This will be done differently”, he announced. Duda assured that as president, he would definitely make a message, as every year, to Poles on the occasion of the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3rd.


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