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    Seniors hours are no longer obligatory in stores

    From May 4, with the restoration of shopping centers’ operations, there are no more senior hours in stores. Cloakrooms, cinemas and restaurants in shopping facilities are still not functioning.

    From Monday, May 4th, by the decision of the Council of Ministers, the next stage of lifting restrictions related to COVID-19 and concerning trade was introduced. The ordinance in this matter abolishes seniors hours which were in force since April 1st (grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies open from 10 am to 12 pm only for the elderly, over 65 years of age). Still, every customer must have their nose and mouth covered and wear gloves. The ordinance restores activity in commercial facilities with a sales or service area above 2000 square meters, assuming that the number of people is limited to 1 person per 15 square meters the area on which the sale or services are provided. Construction and furniture stores have been opened since Monday – there must be at least 15 square meters of space per one client. Open construction and furniture stores must display information about the maximum number of customers.


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