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    Sejm adopted a facilitation for drivers

    The Sejm adopted today an amendment to the Act on public roads. This assumes, among other things, basing the toll collection on satellite positioning and using the free mobile application to pay the fee.

    The purpose of the act is to take over the task of collecting electronic tolls and tolls for motorways by the head of the National Tax Administration from the General Road Transport Inspector, in order to consolidate administration tasks in the area of tribute and toll collection. The changes are also to enable users of public roads to choose devices for transferring geolocation data to the toll collection system. It can be a smartphone, tablet or on-board devices mounted in a vehicle using satellite positioning and data transmission technology. The amendment is also to guarantee the possibility of using the free mobile application to pay an electronic fee. The designed solutions will also ensure a fully electronic process of servicing national road users. The amendment does not provide for an increase in road tolls for carriers.


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