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    President thanked firefighters for their service

    The service of firefighters from volunteer fire brigades is of great social and state-building significance and of great importance for building patriotic attitudes in the country, President Andrzej Duda assessed.

    President Duda thanked firemen for their service in Płońsk. He also emphasized that the Volunteer Fire Brigade is also of great importance for building the country’s security system. “We have recently signed the National Security Strategy. Within its framework, we will be developing further security systems for our country”, the President said. He noted that the experience of volunteer fire brigades will play an important role in this. The President thanked firefighters for their service “in this extremely difficult time we are now in”. “Volunteer Firefighters are real leaders of local communities. People you can always rely on. I’m proud to look at their service”, the President stated on Twitter. “This fight against coronavirus, this fight against the epidemic is also great work of firefighters ready to make sacrifices, including volunteer firefighters”, he said.


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