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    Nowicki: June 28 is an important date in the history of Poland

    It is a choice between going further and into future with President Andrzej Duda or abandoning all actions that are supposed to serve Poles, deputy minister of development Robert Nowicki said in Bydgoszcz.

    What the president has announced and implemented over the past five years is an ambitious program for Poland. This is a program in which every Polish woman, every Pole feels safe, the deputy minister emphasized at a press conference in front of the Pesa factory. He listed the projects: 500 plus, the thirteenth pension, road construction program, Local Government Road Construction Fund and Central Communication Port. “The anti-crisis shield is an efficient and quick instrument that fulfills the needs of entrepreneurs, the needs of Poles, because entrepreneurs create jobs, because jobs are the certainty and security of families. Nearly PLN 89 billion of support for the entire country is the second-largest help in the functioning of the state economy”, he pointed out.


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