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    US secretary of state Mike Pompeo will visit Warsaw

    The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo informed that he will take part in the celebrations of the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw, the 18th most decisive battle in the history of the world, according to historian lord Edgar D’Abernon. Apart from visiting Poland, the head of American diplomacy will also travel to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria.


    Mike Pompeo announced his participation in the official celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw in a special press conference at the US department of state, expressing hopes that his visit will be very fruitful. However, there are still no concrete details regarding his visit to Poland nor to other countries. Reports on the politico website shed a bit more light on the visit, as its journalists inform that Pompeo wants to discuss the transfer of American military troops in central-eastern Europe, the introduction of the 5G network, and China’s influence. The American secretary of state is to arrive in Poland on August 15th for the celebrations of the centenary of the so-called Miracle of the Vistula. Last week, Warsaw and Washington came to an agreement on strengthening the American military presence in Poland. The next stage of the agreement is the signing of an appropriate document. Based on the agreement, the number of American soldiers in Poland is to rise by at least a thousand. 


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