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    Heat wave comes to Poland

    The heat wave is not letting up. It was another extremely hot day in Poland. Due to the heavy air, it is even more difficult to breathe wearing face masks. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has issued second degree heat warnings for all Poland.

    Only in three provinces of Poland were first degree warnings issued.

    “By Tuesday, the temperatures in the west of the country may reach 33 degrees Celsius, 31 in the centre, and the very high temperatures will stay the longest in the south-western area of Poland. We will also have very high temperatures at night, between 16 and 26 degrees, so we will have the so-called tropical nights, which are very dangerous. Our bodies need to regenerate during the night and it is difficult with such temperatures, so we may feel especially tired and irritated the following day”, stated Grzegorz Walijewski, the spokesman for the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

    The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate reminds to drink a lot of still water, wear something over our head, dress lightly and limit our exposure to the sun. Children and pets shouldn’t be left alone in cars.

    “Some love it, others hate it! #extremeheat, since this is what we’re talking about, can be very dangerous for our organisms. Remember to keep your children hydrated and remind senior citizens to drink water as well. Our pets also need to drink more water so make sure their bowls are always full!! Try to avoid staying too long in the sun, and use sun cream”, tweeted the Inspectorate.

    On Saturday, the temperature after noon in the town of Słubice reached 35 degrees Celsius. It was the highest temperature in Poland this year. The situation is expected to improve on Wednesday because of a flow of cold air from the north. The temperature is estimated to drop to around 28 degrees.



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