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    Special benefits for anti-communist oppositionists

    A special compensatory benefit for activists of the anti-communist opposition and people repressed for political reasons is provided for in a bill adopted by the government. People involved in the fight for independence and sovereignty of Poland in the years 1956-1989, whose pension is lower than PLN 2,400, will be able to count on monthly compensation.

    In addition, the project also provides for other amenities, such as lower prices of public transport and PKP tickets, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister informs. In the years 1956-1989, Poles who fought against the communist regime were subjected to numerous repressions and harassments. Arrests, internment, punitive conscription to the army, preventing employment or demotion to lower official positions – these are just some of the actions taken by the then authorities in relation to the anti-communist opposition activists. Repressions had a negative impact on their financial situation – not only during their application, but also today. The government decides to repair these grievances, we read in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister’s announcement. “We can finally start paying off the debt we owe them. A debt that, nonetheless, can never be fully repaid,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.


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