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    Polish Sejm adopts resolution condemning repressions in Belarus

    Today, the Polish Sejm adopted a resolution condemning repressive measures against demonstrators, and the use of brutal violence by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. At the same time, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented a plan of solidarity with Belarus.

    “Remembering our common fight for freedom and democracy, especially during the 100th anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, and being loyal to the tradition of the ‘Solidarity’ trade union in the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland condemns repressive measures against the Belarusian society, the use of brutal violence by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, and falsifying the election results in Belarus held on August 9th, 2020”, stated the Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek.

    “Lech Kaczyński said that it is Poland’s duty to stand up for our neighbors such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, and Belarus whether other countries decide to do the same or not. That is why I proposed to our European partners a special sitting of the European Council. Many leaders of the Western countries joined our proposal. At a moment like this, we cannot put on a mask and pretend to be indifferent. If we don’t do anything now, then we’ll let our neighbors know that in the face of danger, everyone can only count on themselves. Does our solidarity really look that way?”, added Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 




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