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    The Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin

    The Jagiellonian Fair is a festival of art and folk culture in Lublin since 2007. The program of the event is focused on the authentic folk culture of Central and Eastern Europe. It lasts from the 21st of August to the 23rd of August 2020.

    During the festival, which is always in the third week of August, visitors can admire traditional handicraft, folk art, cinema screenings, spectacles, old-time games, workshops and dances. 


    Over the last dozen years of its existence, the festival has become an area where traditional culture, originating from the countryside, is presented. It was inspired by the respect of traditional content.


    The organizers are particularly concerned with the master-student relationship which is established during numerous workshops of crafts, singers, dance and instrument games.


    Artists, craftsmen and masters from the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus come to Lublin. They are people who cultivate family and regional traditions and are involved in folk art.


    The history of the Lublin city is connected with fairs. Then the trade route through Lublin brought to the city many cultures of the world, travellers, nomads and traffickers. Lublin was at that time the main trade centre, i.e.: Hungarian wine and cereals and waxes from the territories of Ukraine and Volyn. As trade grew, more and more craft workshops were created, such as market stalls, mills and smithies. All this led to the rapid economic development of Lublin and the whole region. Hence the project name – the Jagiellonian Fair.


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