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    18-Year-Old Pole Raped in Munich: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Initiates Dialogue with German Authorities

    In light of the recent brutal attack on a Polish citizen at a Munich metro station, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended an invitation to a representative from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw. This development was shared through an official statement by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a communication outlining its action of “inviting a representative from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw.” This invitation stems from the concerning incident of a “brutal attack on a Polish citizen at a Munich metro station.”

    Reports from the portal of the “Bild” newspaper have shed light on the distressing incident involving a young Polish male who fell victim to an assault at a Munich metro station. The individual in question is an 18-year-old student, and the suspected assailant is a 20-year-old originating from Afghanistan.

    The official statement from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted discussions with the German authorities about the possibility of similar incidents occurring in the future. In response, they stressed the critical need for a robust information campaign to raise awareness about the potential hazards of such criminal acts, especially concerning Polish nationals. Furthermore, the German side was informed of Poland’s willingness to offer support in organizing such campaigns should challenges arise.

    Additionally, a representative from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated contact with the German authorities to facilitate cooperation between Polish consular services in Munich and relevant departments of the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective is to provide comprehensive assistance to the Polish citizen who was tragically victimized in the incident.

    “18-Year-Old from Poland Falls Victim to Assault at Munich Metro Station,” reports the “Bild.

    Through a comprehensive review of surveillance footage, law enforcement has narrowed down the time frame of the incident to a specific period: between 2:35 and 3:05. This finding contrasts with earlier assumptions that the crime transpired over a more extended period, as detailed by “Bild.”

    Analysis indicates that only a handful of passengers from the final metro train had disembarked by 2:27, excluding the victim and the alleged perpetrator. However, whether both parties arrived by metro or were already present at the platform remains a subject of ongoing investigation.

    Police sources reveal that the 18-year-old had attended a party and was visibly intoxicated. Subsequently, he is believed to have laid down on one of the platform benches with the intention of resting. Exploiting this vulnerable situation, the assailant is thought to have committed the act. Moreover, it remains uncertain whether this criminal act would have been immediately recognizable as a case of assault by potential witnesses.

    The victim reported the incident to the police on the subsequent Sunday. The suspect had also stolen the victim’s mobile phone, but through a tracking effort, the victim managed to locate the device and promptly alerted law enforcement. As a result, the suspect was apprehended by the police at a refugee shelter in Munich’s Ramersdorf district. Following the arrest, the suspect was presented before a judge who subsequently ordered his detention, as outlined by the online portal.

    Polish consular services situated in Munich have maintained continuous communication with the local police to establish a thorough understanding of the incident’s particulars. Notably, no Polish citizens have yet sought assistance from the consular services in Germany regarding this incident, according to the Polish Embassy spokesperson in Berlin when questioned by the Polish Press Agency about the reported crime in Munich.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the case and out of respect for the victim’s well-being, we refrain from providing intricate details. Magdalena Szuber-Zasacka, spokesperson for the Polish diplomatic mission, emphasizes this approach.

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