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    Many hotels in Poland to close for Christmas season

    Little tourist traffic is expected during the holiday season in mountain towns in Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia). Due to the decision to close the hotels from December 28, some of their owners have already decided to close their facilities.


    Agnieszka Rozenek, the manager of the tourist information office in Szklarska Poręba, said that the tourist traffic is now minimal and the city “looks like it never has before, as if it was abandoned”. It is influenced by, among other things, the fact that snow conditions are unfavorable and skiers did not come to the resort even for a one-day stay.

    However, she added that tourists are still interested in coming to Szklarska Poręba during the holiday season.

    As she said, people are interested, for example, in whether there are open walking paths and viewing platforms, and whether you can enter the Chojnik Castle. “These attractions are still available” – Rozenek assured.


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