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    Poles soon unable to refuse penalty tickets from law enforcement

    It is not yet known whether the draft law submitted by the Law and Justice party to the Sejm, which removes the right of people to refuse to accept penalty notices given by the police, will be approved. The proposed amendment to the law has generated a great deal of controversy. The opposition claims that this new law violates basic civil rights while the government points to other EU countries where such regulations are accepted as the norm.


    “We demand the immediate withdrawal of this draft! In a democratic state ruled by the rule of law in the 21st century there is no consent to such standards.” stated Marcin Kierwiński from the Civic Platform party.

    “Earlier, the opposition alleged that the penalty tickets slowed down the judicial system and  caused delays in court hearings. Our goal in this proposal is to relieve the judges. Instead of judges,  possible appeals against penalty tickets will be considered by court referendaries. After all, it will be possible to appeal against the mandate.” responded Jan Mosiński from the ruling Law and Justice party. 



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