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    Winter won't go away any time soon

    The winter weather will last until Wednesday. We will have a temporary spring in the west and in the center on Wednesday and Thursday, but we should expect winter to return from Friday, said Grzegorz Walijewski, IMGW (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management) spokesman and meteorologist.


    As he noted, the coming days will be very difficult for drivers. The IMGW meteorologist provided an approximate synoptic weather forecast for the first week of February.

    “The winter weather is expected to continue on Monday. There will be plenty of sunshine all over the country, only in the north there will be clouds and light snowfall,” said Walijewski.

    He stressed that it was freezing cold on Monday morning and that there were stations that indicated minus 19 degrees Celsius – especially in the south-west of the country.

    The spokesman indicated that on Tuesday it would be cloudy, and that snowfall should be expected in the east and north of the country.

    He noted that on Wednesday and Thursday a marked warming should be expected across the country. Winter weather with snowfall will last only in the northeast. Snowfall and rainfall with snowfall should also be expected on the coast and Pomerania, while in the rest of the country it will be raining.

    From Friday to Sunday, the division into the much cooler northeast of Poland and the much warmer rest of the country will remain. It will be light and cloudy. Some snowfall.

    He also said it would be slippery on the roads this week due to temperature changes.


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