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    Lockdown during Easter not excluded

    The situation in Germany and other countries shows that such a variant can never be ruled out. At the moment, there is no decision to take further steps, said Piotr Müller, a government spokesman, in an interview with Katarzyna Gójska on Polish Radio, when asked about the possibility of more serious restrictions before Easter.

    A government spokesman was asked when further changes to the restrictions could be expected.

    “The decisions that were taken recently came into force on Saturday. So let’s first start with complying with the restrictions, the safety rules that are already in place, and that should already have a satisfactory effect,” he said.

    According to the new restrictions the activity of shopping malls in Poland is limited. However, grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, press salons, bookstores, and DIY stores as well as points distributing games of chance remain open. In the galleries there may also be hairdressing and optician’s shops, bank branches and laundries.

    Müller estimated that many people were not following the recommendations.

    “Therefore, I do not rule out that further actions will have to be taken, although there are no such decisions at the moment,” he said.



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