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    Water becomes a civilization problem

    The “Moja Woda” (My Water) campaign, promoting its saving, met with a huge social response, very affirmative, said Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka in Katarzyna Gójska’s “Signals of the day” program on Polish Radio.

    As he noted, applications for about 25,000 home micro-installations have been co-financed with over PLN 100 million.

    “That is why we are continuing the program this year,” he added.

    The new “Moja Woda” program has been prepared by the Ministry of Climate and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The aim of the program is to support home installations that will allow greater retention, capture and use of water from e.g. rainfall, so that it does not go directly to the sewage system, drainage ditches, etc.

    “Moja Woda” was launched in 2020 and will be implemented until 2024.



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