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    Polish General will become the Deputy Commander of the V Corps

    ‘The Forward Command of the V Corps is in Poznań and has already started its activity. I am very pleased that, as proposed by the American side, the position of Deputy Commander at Fort Knox, i.e., in the Command of the V Corps, will be held by Polish General. It will be major general Adam Joks. Our cooperation proves a very strong Polish-American relationship when it comes to defence – said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense after the meeting with Lieutenant General John Kolasheski, the commander of the V US Army Corps.

    On March 29, in Warsaw, the Head of the Ministry of National Defense spoke with the American commander, among others, about Polish-American military cooperation within the V Corps. The Head of the Ministry of National Defense also announced during the talks that MG Adam Joks will be the deputy of LTG Kolasheski. As stressed by the Head of the Ministry of National Defense, the presence of the Forward Command of the V Corps is tangible proof of the strengthening of Polish-American relations. It will allow US forces to interact more effectively with European allies.


    As Minister Błaszczak pointed out, the establishment of the Forward Command in Poznań, as well as the continuous joint training of troops from year to year, increased interoperability and increased the security of Polish and the entire eastern flank of NATO.


    One of the topics discussed during the meeting was also issues related to the implementation of the Polish-American agreement signed on August 15, 2020. 


    ‘The agreement is very important for the security of Poland. Based on this agreement, efforts are being carried out to enable the United States Army, if necessary, to support NATO forces, to support Polish forces. I would like to say that the implementation of this agreement is taking place without any obstacles – added Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.


    ‘Thank you very much for today’s meeting and thank you for being able to talk about the future of the V Corps. This is a very clear signal that we and Poland need to strengthen both bilateral and allied security. The V Corps Forward Command and its location in Poland deepen our defence relationship,’ said LTG J. Kolasheski, commander of the V US Army Corps.


    The General thanked the Head of the Ministry of National Defense for cooperation and the appointment of MG Adam Joks as deputy commander of the V Corps. ‘The position to be promoted by the general is a clear signal of very close, strong cooperation between the Polish armed forces and the US armed forces,’ added General Kolasheski.


    In 2020, the V US. Army Corps was reactivated in the United States. The commander of the V Corps became John Kolasheski, who on 4 August in Kraków has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. The V Corps Command is located in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

    The establishment of the V Corps Forward Command in Poznań, the unit responsible for commanding US troops on NATO’s eastern flank, was settled in the PL-US agreement on Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement signed on August 15, 2020.


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