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    The president commemorated the health service employees

    Today we pay tribute to health care employees who gave their lives in the fight against the coronavirus and to all other people who bravely prevail the epidemic every day, President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday during the World Health Day celebration.

    During the ceremony in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, healthcare employees who died in the fight against the pandemic were commemorated. At the beginning of the ceremony, the white and red flag was lowered to the half of the mast in the courtyard of the Palace.

    “The flag lowered to the middle of the mast is a symbol of the highest tribute that Poland pays to its deceased citizens. Today we commemorate those who, in the pandemic, risked themselves to save others – over 300 doctors, nurses and rescuers, but also soldiers, policemen and firefighters” Office of the President wrote on Twitter.

    “We want to pay tribute to all employees of the Polish health service, as well as to all other people, including soldiers, officers and employees of various industries, who bravely fight the coronavirus every day,” said the president.



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