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    Ministerial Conference Forest Europe

    “Direct public contact with forest services should be disseminated, and the benefits of sustainable forest management should be presented more widely. A forest that is more accessible to society is conducive to communication and information activities,” stressed the Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment at the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference.

    The main point of the conference was the solemn signing of the Declaration and Ministerial Resolution on sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change. As Deputy Minister Edward Siarka pointed out that adapting forests to climate change was necessary in order to be able to mitigate negative environmental impacts, increase the resilience of forests and protect their diverse functions.


    The Forest Europe conference, which took place this year on 14-15 April, is the most important European forum for discussion and key decisions at the European country level on forestry.


    Forest Europe is the brand name of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe. It is the Pan-European voluntary high-level political process for intergovernmental dialogue and cooperation on forest policies in Europe. Forest Europe develops common strategies for its 47 signatories (46 European countries and the European Union) on how to protect and sustainably manage their forests.


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