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    “Trees connect us”

    A nationwide campaign “Connect the Trees” has been launched, inaugurated by Polish President Andrzej Duda on International Forest Day (21 Mar).

    In each Regional Directorate of State Forests, we will be planting trees, involving the local community and representatives of local governments and state authorities. The planting will be an opportunity to learn about the foresters’ activities and to take part in several forestry events organised in compliance with the sanitary restrictions.


    The initiator of the action is the Ministry of Climate and Environment, which implements the project in cooperation with the State Forests. Its main idea is that trees are one of the key elements of green infrastructure, meeting numerous social needs.


    “Thanks to the work of foresters and commitment to this type of action, forest cover in Poland today is almost 30% of the area of our country. We are among the leading European countries in terms of the size of forest areas. By 2050, we want the forest cover to be 33 per cent,” – says Deputy Climate and Environment Minister Edward Siarka.


    In addition to planting trees, the project will include forest walks, sporting events, clean-up actions and workshops. All under a sanitary regime adapted to the restrictions.


    “Caring for forests together is a primary goal for us as foresters. Trees provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they are also home to many species of flora and fauna and are an excellent renewable resource. Thanks to the forests we can enjoy such gifts of nature as mushrooms and herbs. Staying between the trees in the forest also has a positive effect on our fitness and well-being,” says Józef Kubica, acting General Director of the State Forests.


    The “Trees connect us” action is an initiative thanks to which, after the pandemic period, we meet the social needs of communing with nature and fulfilling the need for recreation.



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