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    Polish cultural property items in 3D? National Heritage Institute with a new initiative

    The National Heritage Institute has launched a new version of the ZABYTEK.PL portal, which presents information about cultural property items in Poland along with their descriptions, archival and current photos, 3D models of objects, documentary films, and scans of old building plans.

    The National Heritage Institute announced that it “launched a new version of the portal”.

    “It is the only place on the Internet that has a full collection of nearly 500,000 historic objects entered in the register and national register of monuments, including currently over 370,000 archaeological monuments, over 120,000 immovable monuments, 114 sites with the title of Historical Monuments and 16 inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List,” it is reported in the posted note.

    The portal “presents information about monuments in Poland together with their descriptions and multimedia content: archival and current photos, 3D models of objects, point clouds, documentary films, scans of old building plans or the location of objects”.

    According to the National Heritage Institute, now ZABYTEK.PL offers almost 75,000 photos of historic buildings entered in the register. This number is constantly growing as new content is added successively. In addition to photos, notes, and descriptions of monuments, the portal offers 36 thematic collections and almost 100 tours presenting cultural heritage from 16 provinces. In addition, the website offers 82 films made by TVP Kultura, presenting historic pearls with the status of a Historical Monument.

    Check the website and go for an online tour -> click here


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