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    Record-breaking sums for Arabian Horses at Pride of Poland

    The annual Arabian Horse Show has come to an end. It was closed by the Summer Arabian Horse Sale, which featured 19 horses – 16 mares and three stallions. All horses in this auction have been sold. The amount of 254 thousand euros was received for 19 horses.

    The Pride of Poland auction has also ended. “This year’s Pride of Poland auction is a success for Polish Arabian Horse breeding”, assessed the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Grzegorz Puda in Janów Podlaski. 


    52nd the Pride of Poland auction brought breeders nearly 1,6 million euros. Tomasz Chalimoniuk, the President of the Polish Jockey Club, emphasized that such a result had never been achieved before, 14 out of 16 horses on the show had been sold. 


    In both auctions, horses were sold for a total of 1,852 thousand euros.


    “Arabian horse breeding is our national pride and I will do everything to support this type of events and breeding”, emphasized the minister.


    “It is very important that horses, whose potential historically originated from our Polish studs, also develop in private breeding. We must do everything to rebuild, restore and support Arabian horse breeding in Poland”, said Puda and assured that all Polish studs can count on the support of the Ministry of Agriculture.


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