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    The first Herling-Grudziński Festival has started

    Meetings with authors, open-air classes, and breakfast with a book on the grass accompanied the new three-day national event – “Affinity for Literature. I Herling-Grudziński Festival”, which began on Friday in Kielce.

    The main assumption of the new festival is to promote Polish literature, the event’s patron – Gustaw Herling-Grudziński – and to develop knowledge about the cultural heritage of the Kielce region.

    The event began with laying flowers on Jerzy Pilch’s grave and under the plaque commemorating Gustaw Herling-Grudziński at Sienkiewicz Street. Grudziński was born in Kielce, where he spent the first years of his life – later his family moved to Suchedniów.

    The festive inauguration of the Festival took place in the courtyard of the Center for Patriotic and Civic Reflection. An open-air exhibition “From Wincenty to Myśliwski” was opened there.

    “Affinity for Literature” is divided into several zones. Two panels devoted to outstanding writers associated with Kielce were prepared in the discussion zone. On Friday, September 3, there was a meeting devoted to Gustaw Herling-Grudziński, and on Sunday, September 5 – to Jerzy Pilch.

    Events for the youngest are planned in the “Children’s Book World zone” and “Education Zone”.


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