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    FOR FOREST, FOR PEOPLE – a social campaign of the State Forests

    How do State Forests try to reconcile the different expectations of the public and the needs of the timber industry and economic development of the country at the same time? What is sustainable, multifunctional forest management? How do foresters ensure the sustainability of the forest?  These questions, among others, are to be answered by the national social campaign of the State Forests “FOR FOREST, FOR PEOPLE” starting on 16 September this year.

    “Over the next few months, three campaign ambassadors will be explaining to Poles what the different functions of forests mean and the importance of efficient forest management for society, nature and the economy.  They will try to familiarize the public with the idea of sustainable, multifunctional forest management.  We hope that the campaign will result in an increase in social acceptance of our work” – says Józef Kubica, acting General Director of the State Forests.

    The faces of the “FOR FOREST, FOR PEOPLE” campaign are Dr Andrzej Kruszewicz – naturalist, ornithologist, Maja Włoszczowska – multiple European and Polish champion and gold medallist at the world championships in mountain biking and Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka – musician and architect.

    A number of advertising and content marketing activities have been planned as part of the campaign. Details will be presented at a press conference on Thursday, September 16 at 11:00 am in the forest nursery in Skierdy near Jabłonna.

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