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    Warsaw: the new street named after the composer Weinberg

    The new street in the Wola district was named after Mieczysław Weinberg, an outstanding composer and pianist, the author of music for the film awarded at the Cannes festival “The Cranes Are Flying”, informed the capital city hall.

    On Wednesday, the new Wola street crossing Chłodna Street at the point of number 36 was named after Mieczysław Weinberg.

    “We symbolically restore the figure of Mieczysław Weinberg (Wajnberg – Polish form of the surname – editor’s note) to Warsaw and his former neighbours, because Weinberg Street is located in the immediate vicinity of the musician’s family house at 66 Żelazna Street. Although he left Warsaw at the age of 20, Warsaw never got out of his head,” Artur Jóźwik said, the director of the Cultural Office of the City of Warsaw, quoted in the release.

    Mieczysław Weinberg was a composer and pianist. He died 25 years ago in Moscow but grew up in Warsaw, where he was born in 1926. As a child and a young boy, he attended music schools at the Warsaw Conservatory. He left behind an amazing legacy, incl. 22 symphonies, as well as chamber works of as many as 70, incl. for string quartets and many other orchestral, solo and vocal works. He composed song cycles in three languages: Polish, Yiddish and Russian.

    He composed for theatre, radio, circus, and also for films, the most famous of which was certainly the war drama “The Cranes Are Flying”, awarded with the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958.


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