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    Russia is gathering army on the border of Ukraine, East Europe on alert [VIDEO]

    Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Estonia and Lithuania yesterday for bilateral discussions about the border crisis with his counterparts in the Baltic states. He travelled to Latvia later that day.

    In Lithuania, Morawiecki said that he was receiving information that the difficult situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country in August “may be used as the next stage of the migration crisis.”:


    “We know of diplomatic and official contacts of Belarus and Russia with Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and there will be an attempt to use, there probably will be an attempt to use the crisis in Afghanistan as the next stage of the migration crisis. And the migration crisis is just one part of the great political crisis in which Lukashenko with his real principal – and I think nobody has doubts that this is president Putin – will continue such actions”. 


    “I think that the things that unfold before our eyes, these dramatic events, may only be a prelude to something much worse,” he added.


    Poland and Lithuania called for continued support from the Europan Union and NATO.


    Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte: “For us, it is very important that any talks (with Belarus) are coordinated with Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, which are at the forefront of the hybrid attack, and no decisions are taken which do not solve the situation fundamentally”.




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