In the interview, which will be published in "Gazeta Polska", Marine Le Pen refers to her participation in the "Warsaw Summit" conference. She also answers questions on the future of the European Union, the dispute between Warsaw and Brussels, the policy towards Russia, the role of NATO, migration and issues connected with French domestic policy.


Among other things, Le Pen was asked about the federalization plans of the new coalition in Germany.


“I make no secret of the fact that I am concerned about the German coalition programme. Not only because of the "federalist will" itself but also because of the progressive federalization of the Union that always comes at the expense of the sovereignty of nations. The wide openness of the SPD-FDP-Green coalition to migrants is also worrying because the functioning of the EU can be compared to the situation on a ship: if one compartment sinks, all of them sink,” said the French politician.


Le Pen returned to the issue of migrants when asked about the Warsaw-Brussels dispute.


“I am in solidarity with Poland in its dispute with the European Union. I think the attacks on Poland from the EU are "for principle" and the accusations being made are based on one thing - refusal to accept and relocate immigrants. That is why the Union invents a thousand reasons to accuse Poland, whether it is about the sentence of the Constitutional Tribunal or abortion,” she stated.


In the interview for "Gazeta Polska", Le Pen also stressed that she is aware of the fear of Russia in Poland. “I understand this fear very well because it resulted from history," she said. Speaking about the chances of forming a common Conservative fraction in the European Parliament, the National Unity President pointed out: "I hope that one day - I cannot say when - we will be able to create a political force in the European Parliament strong enough to defend the sovereignty and the freedom of nations”.