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    “Throwing rocks, blinding with lasers and flashlights” Migrants tried to cross the border

    A group of 30 migrants tried to illegally cross the border yesterday at the section in Dubicze Cerkiewne. The attack was said to have occurred around 7 pm. As reported by the Border Guard spokesperson Lt. Anna Michalska, stones were thrown in the direction of the Polish forces.

    Border Guard spokesperson Lt. Anna Michalska said that in Dubicze Cerkiewne, around 7 pm, a group of 30 people began storming the border. “Throwing stones towards our precincts, cutting wire,” she listed. “They started blinding us with lasers and flashlights,” she reported.


    “Of course, everything with the supervision of Belarusian services,” she added.


    Michalska reported that as a result, 11 people have crossed the border. They were detained and brought to the borderline. She added that there is no information that any officers were hurt. 


    She reported that 43 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Poland were recorded last day. Border Guard officers issued seven orders to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland.



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