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    Are migrants preparing to storm the border?

    The spokeswoman of the Border Guard, Lieutenant Anna Michalska, warns that all data available to the officers guarding the Polish-Belarusian border indicate that soon there may be even more attempts to illegally enter the territory of Poland. More than 300 such attempts have already been recorded in January, 68 of them in the last 24 hours.

    According to the information provided by the Border Guard, 49 people tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border on Sunday. There were 68 such attempts on Monday. The Border Guard officers already recorded 44 attempts to cross the border on Tuesday until 7:00 am.


    “All data shows that probably soon there may be more attempts to illegally cross the border,” assessed Lieutenant Anna Michalska from the Border Guard.


    In January there were already 307 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Border Guard officers for the first 10 days of the new year detained 15 migrants – 9 Syrian citizens and 6 Iraqi citizens. 


    Last year, the Border Guard recorded 39.7 thousand attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. More than 1.7 thousand illegal border-crossing attempts were recorded in December, 8.9 thousand in November, 17.5 thousand in October, 7.7 thousand in September, and 3.5 thousand in August.


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