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    2021 – the best year in Totalizator Sportowy history

    Record revenue of over PLN 26 billion and a historically high amount of PLN 2.715 billion transferred to the State Treasury – this is the measure of Totalizator Sportowy’s success in 2021 when the company celebrated its 65th anniversary. During the conference summarizing the jubilee year, it was recalled that it is Totalizator Sportowy’s customers who are the biggest patrons of culture and sports in Poland.

    On 25 January 1956, Totalizator Sportowy was launched to help rebuild sports infrastructure in post-war Poland. More than six decades later, the company summarized its results for 2021 – a record-breaking year throughout its history in which it continues to successfully pursue its mission, now in a new reality.


    “Thanks to the effort and commitment of all Totalizator Sportowy’s employees, we have managed to record sales results of PLN 26.270 billion over the past 12 months. This means that we have traditionally maintained our revenue growth momentum – as it was 15.381 billion in 2020 versus “only” 5.093 billion in 2018. It is worth noting that we have achieved excellent results in all areas of our operations – land-based outlets, lotto. pl interactive channel, Total Casino, the only legal online casino in Poland and the network of slot machine gaming parlors,” said Olgierd Cieślik, Chairman of Totalizator Sportowy’s Management Board.


    Thanks to the growing popularity of Totalizator Sportowy’s games and lotteries among Poles, the state budget has received more than PLN 2.715 billion, of which PLN 1.155 billion was allocated to support the development of Polish sports and national culture.


    “Using our rich offer, every Pole every day becomes a generous patron of these two key areas for the development of our entire community: sport and culture. Out of every zloty spent in LOTTO channels, 19 groszy go to the purposes connected with them. In the same way, Totalizator Sportowy also supports the construction and modernization of numerous sports facilities which we all benefit from across Poland,” explained Olgierd Cieślik.


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