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    Don’t you just love Szczyrk in winter?

    Eventually, winter has come. Snow is falling all around us! We waited a long time for this moment, we waited a long time for the winter aura outside the window, because we love winter! We love it for its magic atmosphere, for the pleasure it makes, and for the opportunity to practise our favourite sports! We’re not just talking about skiing, although it’s obvious, we love to throw snowballs, we love sledging, we love winter walks! Then it is! The longed-for winter! And what did it bring to Szczyrk?

    Szczyrk will undoubtedly take the lead this winter. Once again it proves that it is the winter capital of Poland! And it’s not an ounce of exaggeration. Why? Let’s start in turn… Szczyrkowski Ski Resort – Szczyrk Mountain Resort undoubtedly impresses tourists this winter! New routes, new lifts and each just with one ski pass. Further ski lifts have been put into operation and further ski slopes have been put into operation. Without a doubt, the most interesting and probably most anticipated solution is the commissioning of a new chair lift from the Hala Skrzyczeńska on the Zbójnicka Kopa – that is, on the ridge between the peaks of Skrzyczne and Little Skrzyczne. Many have been waiting and waiting for this step. In addition, the centre promises that the snow-making system has been significantly improved (this aspect left much to be desired in the first year of operation of the “New Szczyrk”).


    For lovers of exceptional architecture, we recommend a visit to the Shrine of St. James the Apostle, a wooden church built around 1800 and part of the Silesian Voivodeship Wood Architecture Route. The picturesque location makes it a popular place for tourists even in winter. Also interesting are the tourist huts in the vicinity of Szczyrk – in particular, the mountain huts Skrzyczne, Klimczok and the mountain hut of Uncle Tom– where you can refresh, relax and stay overnight even during the holidays or at the weekend.



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