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    FDI inflows into Poland hit a record high in 2021

    The inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Poland in 2021 hit a record high of USD 24.8 billion, an increase of 82 per cent from pre-pandemic 2019.

    According to the state-owned think tank, Polish Economic Institute (PIE), Poland was 14th in the world and third in the EU, behind Germany and Sweden, in terms of the value of FDI inflows in 2021.


    Poland’s earlier recorded the highest inflow of FDI was in 2007 and was USD 19.9 billion. After the results of 2021, the cumulative value of FDI into Poland is USD 269 billion, ranking the country 16th in the world.


    “According to OECD data, the inflow of FDI in the world increased by 57 per cent in 2021, by 17 per cent against pre-pandemic levels. The most important directions are USA, China, Canada and Brazil,” PIE noted.


    It added that, according to the FDI Markets report, in 2019-2021 foreign investors in Poland contributed to the creation of 339,000 jobs, the most in Europe and 19 per cent of all jobs created thanks to FDI in the region.


    “Poland’s record results in 2021 confirm that Poland benefited from the global trend of shortening supply chains in connection with the pandemic and the US-China trade war,” PIE wrote.


    PIE also indicated that at the same time there was a collapse of PIB (Polish Direct Investments), the outflow of which decreased ten-fold compared to 2019 and six-fold compared to 2020.


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