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    Little Amal will arrive in Poland [VIDEO]

    Little Amal is a 3.5-meter-tall puppet that symbolizes hope for better tomorrow for children who were orphaned during wars. It marches through numerous countries, spreading awareness about the refugee crisis. In May, it will visit three Polish cities: Krakow, Lublin and Przemysl.

    Little Amal is 9 years old and comes from Syria. She marches through Europe to find her mother. In Arabic, her name means hope. The inspiration behind Little Amal was “The Jungle”, a play about young refugees in a camp close to Calais, created by people who lived in it. They established the Good Chance Theatre to show stories of those affected by the war in Syria and trying to find their place in Europe.

    In 2021, Amal walked 8,000 kilometres (4,970 miles) from Gaziantep in Turkey to Manchester, United Kingdom, sparkling conversations about the refugee crisis and publicizing stories of immigrants. You can watch the beginning of ‘The Walk’ campaign below.



    After the Russian invasion on Ukraine, Little Amal resumed her journey. On May 10th, it will arrive in Lublin. The march will start at 3 P.M. at the Litewski Square and it’s open to everyone. On May 12th it will appear in Przemysl, where it will walk from the Central Railway Station to the Old Town. Details about Krakow aren’t specified yet. After that, Amal will continue her journey to Ukraine. Her next stop is Lviv.


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