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    Natural gas is cheaper by 3.39 per cent and oil by 1.09 per cent

    At the Dutch TTF hub on Tuesday morning, natural gas is cheaper in the June contract by 3.39 per cent to about 90.6 euros per MWh. Brent crude oil is cheaper by 1.09 per cent to 104.79 dollars per barrel. The price of a barrel of WTI crude oil on the New York Stock Exchange also drops by 0.93% to 102.13 USD per barrel.

    The price of natural gas on Tuesday morning at the Dutch TTF hub in June drops by 3.39% to around 90.6 EUR/MWh.


    On Monday the closing quotation of natural gas in June contracts on the European market cost almost 93.79 euros per MWh.


    On Tuesday morning, Brent’s markings on the London Stock Exchange dropped 1.09 per cent to 104.79 dollars per barrel. WTI crude oil in New York is also 0.93% cheaper – at 102.13 dollars a barrel.


    On Monday, a barrel of Brent oil was $105.94 and a barrel of WTI oil was $103.09.


    On the day of the Russian attack on Ukraine, on 24 February this year, the Brent barrel was valued at $99 and the WTI at $92.8. At the height of the rise in the price of oil in the United States, the price of oil reached $130 per barrel, while Brent oil was almost $140 per barrel.


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