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    Warning! Smartphone – the international conference in Cracow on May 10th

    In ICE Cracow the international conference Warning! Smartphone is a unique event attended by outstanding specialists in the field of pedagogy, psychology, and psychiatry as well as experts and popularisers of knowledge about digital threats from around the world.


    Special guests of the event will lead lectures: 

    Jean M. Twenge – professor of psychology at San Diego State University, author of the world bestseller “iGen: Why today’s children with great contacts grow up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy – and completely unprepared for adulthood” and also prof. Dr Manfred Spitzer – psychiatrist and researcher working at the interface between the mind and the brain in the areas of cognitive and social neuroscience.

    In five discussion panels devoted to the influence of technology on society and interpersonal relations, parenthood, school education, the psyche of the young generation, and the way of working in the future, the following will take the floor: Andrzej Kulig – Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for Social and Communal Policy, Jadwiga Emilewicz – Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Team for Zero-Emission Economy and European Green Deal, which is a member of the Health Committee and the Economy and Development Committee, Janusz Cieszyński – Secretary of State for Digitization and Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity, Tomasz Lewandowski – PhD in law and advocate, Bogna Białecka – psychologist and president of the Foundation for Health Education and Psychotherapy and others.


    The agenda includes, among others, the following topics : 

    – how technology affects society and interpersonal relations, and whether it builds or weakens social capital

    – do smartphones facilitate or hinder parenting, how much do security issues affect the proliferation of smartphones? 

    – does technology help or hinder? What solutions should schools use to deal with the misuse of electronics and the distractions it generates?

    – what educational challenge may arise concerning the relational and mental problems of children and adolescents who abuse display devices, and how to deal with them?

    – will the impact of new technologies on the psyche, habits, and lifestyle of the young generation require changes in the way we work?



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