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    Shocking words of Donald Tusk: “We will restore the legal status quo without legal acts… they will be seen off the building, quite simply”

    Donald Tusk is continuing his tour of Poland, during which he is making shocking statements right and left. This time he is spinning a vision of what will happen as soon as he comes to power – he announces the “restoration of the legal status quo without legal acts”, but instead… by physical force? Because there was a statement about “a few brave people” and “being led out of the building”.

    The leader of the Civic Platform often repeats slogans about democracy and the rule of law, accusing those currently in power of breaking all the rules. Meanwhile, today we know what democracy looks like according to Tusk. At a meeting with voters, the head of the Civic Platform told how he was going to “restore order”.


    In his opinion, no legal acts need to be passed to change the law. So what? He will rule by… decrees?!


    “No lengthy legislative processes will be needed to restore the state before their “coup d’état on the judiciary in Poland and on the Constitution”. The decisions they have made concerning the courts, the State Tribunal and the Constitutional Tribunal are illegal from the point of view of Polish, constitutional and European law. They do not exist. This state of affairs which they have created will continue as long as they remain in power. We will win the elections and restore the legal status quo, without legal acts. No law is needed!” Tusk said.


    However, the most shocking words came later. The Platform leader spoke about… “brave people” and “see the politicians off the building”. 


    You will not need one or a hundred laws. It will take a few brave people to ask out the ladies and gentlemen who are illegally occupying the seats. And they will be seen off the building, quite simply.


    Hearing such words, it is reasonable to ask whether Donald Tusk really means using physical force after the elections? 



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