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    Macron’s controversial statement: “Ukraine will have to negotiate with Russia”

    French President Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Romania, continues to argue for his vision of ending the war in Ukraine. “The Ukrainian President and his officials will have to negotiate with Russia,” Macron argued.

    Macron arrived in Romania for a three-day trip to NATO’s southern flank. He explained that “diplomatic talks with Moscow” should continue in the context of the war in Ukraine.


    Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, meanwhile, during his meeting with Macron, said that the EU should grant Ukraine candidate status.


    Granting Ukraine candidate status to the European Union is the right decision,” Iohannis said, adding that a decision on the matter could be made by the end of June.


    “In my opinion, candidate status must be granted as soon as possible. It is the right solution from a moral, economic and security point of view,” Iohannis said.


    Referring to the issue, Macron described “new talks” with Ukraine “as necessary,” without confirming that he would visit Kyiv in the coming days, as reported by German and Italian media.


    “At some point, after we have helped Ukraine to resist, we will have to negotiate with RussiaThe Ukrainian President and his officials will have to negotiate with Russia,” he convinced. In his opinion, it will bring the war between these two countries to an end. 


    “At the gates of our European Union, an unprecedented geopolitical situation is playing out. The political context and the decisions that the European Union and several nations will have to take, justify new in-depth discussions and new progress,” Macron said.


    “We, the European Union, need to send clear political signals to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, who have been resisting heroically for several months,” said Macron.

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