The two-day 590 Congress started in Warsaw. The leading theme of the 7th edition of the 590 Congress with the slogan “We bring everyone together” will be the international cooperation of the Three Seas countries.


During the congress, Enea, one of the main Polish energy companies, officially launched cooperation with the US company Last Energy. The joint project of both entities will concern the technology of small, modular nuclear reactors. 


“I would like to say, without any exaggeration, that this is a historic moment. We show in practice that we build our energy security on a multiannual basis,” Jacek Sasin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets said.


As he reminded, "this is already the third big Polish company (next to Orlen and KGHM - ed.) starting its adventure with nuclear energy, which we treat as the basis of our energy security, as an essential component of the Polish energy mix together with renewable energy sources."


“We want the nuclear energy, both the large, traditional one, built by the state and the micro one, which is developing rapidly and offers great prospects. We want it to be a good alternative to the energy we know,” he pointed out.


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