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    High poultry production in Poland

    The supply of chickens is growing in Poland. Polish hatcheries delivered almost 122 million one-day chicks in October. – We’ve broken the record for chick production for the third time this year – said Katarzyna Gawronska, director of the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed Producers (KIPDiP).


    Poland is strengthening its position as a poultry leader in Europe. Chicken production in Poland breaks records. In the Gawronska’s opinion, Poland’s slaughter potential would allow the market absorption of even more chickens, but foreign demand is growing far more slowly than Polish production capacity. – Insufficient demand and price competition on export markets are causing producers’ margins to shrink, which doesn’t enable the national production of chicks and livestock to achieve the potential that poultry facilities have – Gawronska explained. Poland is a major poultry exporter and the result is a great success, but if foreign buyers cannot be found for the growing production, then the Polish poultry sector could face problems, according to the KIPDiP director.

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