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    Marian Banaś – there will be no resignation

    Marian Banaś, president of the Supreme Audit Office will not resign, although he was ready for such a step. The politician changed his mind because, as he said, he became the subject of a brutal political game. Banaś declared that he would continue his mission at the Supreme Audit Office. At the same time, he announced that he is ready to waive his immunity and face any questions of investigators.

     ”I wish to declare that I was ready to step down as the president of the Supreme Audit Office. Regretfully, I came to the conclusion that my person became a subject of a brutal political game. Today, some doubts regarding my past were raised. I consider them libelous and untrue”- says Marian Banaś, President of the Supreme Audit Office.

     ”In other parts of his statement, Marian Banaś stressed the importance of late Lech Kaczyński in the creation of a modern idea of the controlling of the state administration. He stated that he is an avid follower of that idea and in the spirit of responsibility for the statehood of Poland, he will continue his mission of the presidency of the Supreme Audit Office”- says Aleksandra Zarzycka ,TV Republika.

     ”I think we are facing a war between Marian Banaś and the Law and Justice party. It was no coincidence that he earned his nickname as „armored”, because despite all these allegations floating in the media, Banaś continues to claim to be clean and blames other people for making up false accusations. The worse is that it is at the cost of a reputation of a very important state office”- says Dariusz Joński, The Civic Coalition.

     ”First of all, where is the president of Poland? We need to hear the voice of the head of our state, a voice of a person who had received a popular vote from the majority of voters in our country. We need to hear his opinion on such neuralgic moments”- says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, The Polish People’s party.

     ”This is for sure a glimmer of hope that he presents an openness and readiness to waive his immunity and face the possible questioning and alleged misconduct”- says Jan Kanthak, Solidarity Poland party, United Right.

     ”As we have learned from the speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, the next session of the lower house will have a report by Mariusz Kaminski, the Minister of Interior and Administration, on the agenda, containing the results of Mr. Banaś investigation” – says Aleksandra Zarzycka ,TV Republika.

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