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    Volleyball Nations League: Italy proved to be better

    The Poles fought until the very end, but the Italians proved to be better. They made far fewer mistakes than the Polish national women’s team.

    Polish women’s volleyball team lost 1:3 to Italy in a match of Nations League, played in Sofia. The qualification to the top eight of the competition will have to be decided in subsequent matches. They will play their next match on Thursday against China, currently holding sixth place in the table.


    In the first set, the Poles made fewer mistakes than the Italians. Very good actions of the Polish team allowed them to win. 


    At the beginning of the second set, the Polish team was in the lead, but there was a lack of communication between them and they lost points on relatively simple actions. After a few mistakes by Polish players, the Italians came out to the lead, which they kept until the end of the second part.


    For most of the third set, the Polish women kept a slight advantage. If it had not been for a few bad plays and easily given points, the advantage would have been bigger. 


    The fourth set was to decide whether the Polish women’s team can win against the Italians. Poles were leading, and Italians were chasing them. At one point, the Red-Whites were almost completely helpless. Eventually, the Italians won the set to 18.


    Italy – Poland 3:1 (25:27, 25:20, 28:26, 25:18)


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