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    Volleyball Nations League: A long and exciting match, unfortunately with a defeat for the Poles

    The Polish national women’s team fought until the very end. However, the Dominican Republic proved to be better and, in the tie-break, defeated the Polish team.

    The first set belonged to the Polish team. In a fantastic way, they managed to beat the Dominican Republic winning 25:20. The second set was a rollercoaster. It was probably the longest set in the history of this year’s Nations League. The Polish women’s team fought hard until the very end, but it was the Dominican team that proved to be slightly better in the end. 


    In the third set, Poland lost motivation and only at the end started to catch up. Unfortunately, they did not manage to catch up with their rivals and the set ended with a win for the Dominican Republic. The next set belonged to Poland. They fought fiercely for every point until they managed to escape the Dominican Republic. After fantastic attacks and serves, the Poles won with a crushing lead. 


    The fifth set, however, started badly for the Polish women’s team. The Dominican Republic started with a bump and built up a lead right from the start. The Poles tried to make up for the loss but unfortunately failed. 


    Poland – Dominican Republic 2:3 (25-20, 36-38, 20-25, 25-13, 9-15)

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